Students from across the College of Communication & Information at the University of Tennessee have been able to utilize and benefit from Salesforce Social Studio technology. Students in the following classes have produced high quality social media research and analysis for various projects:

  • Undergraduate students in the fall 2016 Social Media (ADVT/PBRL 461/561) class created social media plans and content calendars for client, Dollywood, by using the Publish and Analyze features of Social Studio.
  • Undergraduate students in the Advertising Research (ADVT 340) and Public Relations (PBRL 340) courses use the Analyze function of Social Studio to listen and track social media conversations. Social Studio is a vital secondary research tool students use in addition to collecting primary data to produce their final Research Reports in both classes.
  • During spring 2016, the Advertising Campaigns (ADVT 470) class used the Analyze function of Social Studio to better inform their integrated marketing communication plans for client, Hello Fresh.
  • Undergraduate students in Public Relations Campaigns (PBRL 470) created social listening summaries using Social Studio data for Knoxville-based client, Metro Drug Commission.