The College of Communication & Information at the University of Tennessee is the only university facility in the world to house an established command center with full access to Salesforce’s Social Studio for students, faculty and staff to utilize for teaching and research opportunities.

The Adam Brown Social Media Command Center (ABSMCC) is located at 460 Communications & Extension Building (460 CUEB) in the Circle Park area of the University of Tennessee campus.

The ABSMCC is powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud technology and provides the College of Communication & Information faculty, staff and students access to the same leading technology that Fortune 100 companies worldwide use to publish, engage and analyze their social media marketing activities.

The ABSMCC is a game changer for CCI students. CCI Dean Mike Wirth sums it up best, “The Adam Brown Social Media Command Center will enable our students to graduate with unique skills and knowledge that will make them more marketable in a very competitive job market. It will also provide a powerful tool for CCI faculty to utilize as they engage in curricular and scholarly innovation.”